I once found a man looking into a well,
Lost in the depth of the waters trapped

I once found a child playing by a well,
Looking in and out and running around

The man looked back so hard and for so long that he fell
He delved further and further through more and more water
And he lost control of all of his senses, from balance to sight,
To hearing and touch, and time and smell.

The child did no such thing,
All the child did was play, and watch the water fill the well
there was no calling to turn the page


In You I Trust

When the darkness comes to light
With the ushering of angel's song
I find myself at the foot of my plight
Lost in the place I did belong.

Once again I pray
Like a begging fool, before the light of day
Buried in pain-chewed sheets
And clenched with doubt
My heart repeats
Again, and again

My body twists
Again and again

Control fleeting from my fists
clenched, so hard, like the hearts I face

O, But the fight is from and not for
the Vanguard of Victory
And hope, with the melody it sings
Rings through the annals of history
Even in yesterday's folly
Paths are made straight
And sorrows are pronounced jolly

So what of my reasons
If he beyond seasons
Can do without them?

And what of my fears?
That choke on unsalted tears
And fall unto the hopeless abyss.

There's none beside you, in this I trust
So please carry me beyond the gates of lust

Where fools have no reign,
And the Kingdom is strong
in the hearts of those who know pain.


Walking Wind

In me a calling that can't be quelled
a terrifying intensity
of which malefic mountains are felled.

I want to breathe
the air that you breathe.

Let our lungs be joined
in a Holy Matrimony.
That even the full-white moon,
with its twinkled stars and blazing sun,
shall turn a dark green with envy.

Away with the desire,
of fresh mountain air
and the salty sea breeze
of Greek beaches.
What words I give
To this grave and distinct
impulse I have to dare,
to insult,
the infantile fascinations of gutter-papers
and dead summer leaves
With the movement of the inner-city smog.

Let the four winds desire our breath
And let them, not us,
be slaves to instinct.

Pray that others see in us
the great hurricane of love
and not the proud gale of idle obsession
of neediness and personal possession

A pure love - that is as natural
As rivers for the lake
And flames to the fire
As rivers to oceans
And fire to flames.
As winds that blow East can blow West
And as cold winds of the North
Can blow the humid steam of the South

Are we not, my dear,
but the one and very same
With the Above and Beyond?
Do we not find love both at the open
as well as at the close?
Think it not desolate or morose
but living and true
You with me
and I, with you.



You sell yourselves
To the smaller ideals of larger nations
You forsake yourselves
When the Lord has not forsaken



Perform exquisitely for the Queen
Reveal to her talents unseen

Practice and grow like bamboo root
Sprout fast and quick like bamboo shoot

Be immune to Autumn rot
Bundle yourself in a walnut cot

Five summers and five winters
Of a network that nets and splinters

Into new beginnings of old ends
Out of loneliness and unto friends

Receive the praise you deserve
New grandmaster, and serve.



 the steps of a far-away church,
I feel my stomach in a lurch,
Your eyes leveled my nerve
Your back nestled in my chest
My hand resting over a curve
My soul at peace, at rest

Breaths are shallow and stares are deep
Coldness slowly begins to seep
Eyelids glowing to open and close
As I look from your head, down your nose
We start to be tempted by the night to sleep
It's at that time that we start to dose


Dwindle by, stutter-bug,
Give the silk thread a tug

Monster-legs is stalking lightly,
Eight spindles pulling tightly,

Steady the tight-rope walk,
Down the orchid stalk.

Blessed be thy symmetry,
The sides of web and their mimicry.

Dwindle by, o love bug,
Give the heart string a tug.


In the beginning
He's said to have loved
Loved so much the man who was sinning

Out of nothing man came
His wife much the same
So she he would blame
for his wrong-doing
God saw this
and wept
and wept
and wept

Resolved and unshaken he made a plan
To become flesh, to be a man

Resolved and unshaken he made a plan
To become flesh, to be a man

Blood was shed
And disciples fled
But there you hung on the cross
Dying and dead, a life, a loss
A Saviour A king
In Glory you rose

Resolved and unshaken he made a plan
To become flesh, to be a man

Resolved and unshaken he made a plan
To become flesh, to be a man

Our righteous banner, our glorious King,
All mighty All love, All Angels will sing
To He who can Judge
We ask you provide
Take us, the lost, and be our guide
Almighty, All Glory to you our God

Resolved and unshaken he made a plan
To become flesh, to be a man

Resolved and unshaken he made a plan
To become flesh, to be a man

You who are worthy of praise
With us your Helper stays
Move us
and Love us
Take us with you
Move us, Love us
Take us with you
Only you can make me new.


The Mercy of Chase

The dire response of the rabid dog
The tired retreat of the school girl.

Matted fur chasing bobbing hair,
pounding iron tendons race to ensnare,
small rubber soles can carry one but not fast enough,
before teeth a life to snuff.

Cold blood rushing through veins
Dress now covered in mud stains
A cold sweat laces each lung
At the sound of its lapping tongue

O greyhound major, the neighbourhood terror,
wherefore lay your master's hand?
What punishment should you withstand,
for causing the innocent to tremor?

Your teeth clasp at His forearm
Like a tongue grasps a barb
In His eyes he sees no cause for alarm
Retreat, savage beast
For your teeth are brittle
So they will never whittle
His judgement.

Fall back and fall away
Into darkness and dismay
Be cast into fire
Be lost into flame
Drown in the deepest mire
Until your demeanor is tame.

What of the girl?
And her turbulent hear.
It can rejoice again
in the arms of her father
Now, and then.


.You who sustain me
Are the one who has perpetuated it all
Oceans like mist
Mountains like footstools
Stars like dust

Beat-Beat-Beat goes my heart
With the same rhythm
You intended
From the start

Only you can bring rivers to the desert
To make life spring out of dry earth

Only you can give flight to fire
To make the fallen never tire

I will be your soldier
Incredible and weak
My strength is yours
But Your strength is mine
Who else can turn a meek smile
into a weapon
powerful enough to inspire awe in the most
marveled men

Only you, Lord.


It's because of you that I like many things,
From the brightness of the full moon
to the way that women can sing,
and oh, I'd learn to love it all to soon,
From tall beach houses
To cold winter days,
From old Church hymns,
To modern melodies,
From walks in the Capital
To a swim in the sunset
From a hard day's work
To a good night's rest

But you lead me away
From fable and fantasy
To Truth and Reality

That is the greatest gift
I have received



The fade out of a glossy white air
A pushing caused by utter despair

I open my eyes to see into yours,
Like a child opening curious doors

The Ghost Girl

Speak to me, you long-haired ghost,
With your speech sadder than most.

Invisible are you to all of flesh and blood,
But I who you scared into the mud.

Are you alone because you are unseen?
Then let me see you.
Are you alone because you are unheard?
Then let me hear you.
Are you alone because you are not spoken to?
Then hear me.

Alone is good and alone is fine,
No need to mope, moan or whine.

Be content with the whispers of flowers,
And with the heights of mountain towers.

Celebrate the atoning moon of the night,
See the day birds and night owls and envy their flight.

Rejoice in the rising sun of the day's start,
Smile for the wants and tugs of your
More-than real heart.


The Doorperson.

Hold the door open, just a jar,
Just a little longer, I'm not that far.

I'll smile a little sweeter just to say,
That holding that door a little longer
Could make my day.

I'll greet you and thank you,
and introduce myself,
I've done it before, you did too.

But this time we'll mean it,
And make plain to our sight,
Our intentions, dreams, and plight.

So hold that door a little longer,
I'm making my way,
The fact that you held on a little stronger,
Kept me from going astray.


Silence is the language of our love
It is the nexus of our disengagement
Like space is really the black between the stars above
Passion is the hope that fills each lament
Each moment forsaken of its sound
So very hard-hitting and profound.

We have not the parroting of song and phrase
Rather, I have but the lingering hopes of words in silence
And a knowledge that despite all solitude, stays
By no warrant do I have the license
To dream of that which we do not speak

By no reason or doubt that one can see
Can I say that you are not speaking
With me.


.High upon your wooden throne
you sit entrenched.
Your scalp covered with a crown of stone
to show you're hard-hard-headed.

Sing sing sing sing
For the Lady's heart
You know, know, know know that
you didn't stand a chance from the start

Mercy ain't a killing game
And it's not another word for power
It's just not the same
not even close
Try it when you're stuck
Knee-deep in muck in need of a re-


I can keep on

Walking through the open space
of the room where I see your face

Every sixth sun of the week
I watch my chances grow bleak

In my head I run around rooms
Thinking of all the pains and glooms

That await me behind every mistake
Or every stupid face I make

Eye contact

Look away, brush back hair
Turn away, pretend you don't care

Look back, unprepared
Hopeful, yet scared

Eye contact

Panic: systems are go
Cheeks: reddest glow

Eye contact

Something to get me out unscathed
Stickin' my tongue out to say I made it.


Slam of fists and a non-judicial fight
Anything to get my concern out of sight

Pitiful excuse for a man, ungentle
Code of honour and shining armour

My mistake was to run
to hide
But that indeed did coincide
With my fear
To not have you near.

So I say sorry.
Not because you're right.
And not because I'm wrong.
But because any plight
Is bigger than my ego
And my choice outweighs
My little dismays.
I am
so tall
and blooming
not everlasting
but i may try
and try and
try i
into the roots
where water seeps in
and nourishes truths
away from the sun
and burning heat
away from the sun
and the friends we'll meet
one day we'll climb
but for now
we grow

He of Saving

A chest like mine
With ripples of flesh and blood,
Biding its time
Before time's end
Clutched 'tween it's awkward matter
Are deep-seated hates that none do flatter

This heart-laden burden is none too rare,
This sorrow-maiden voyage does little to care
For brother and sister
Companion and friend.

It does not discriminate
It does not limit itself
In growth or spate

Consuming till I myself am consumed
Presuming till I myself am presumed
Lost, forgotten or doomed.

But You did not listen
You did not care
You did not fear
The marble-thick walls that I built up
Or the bite-barking wolf-beast that I trained
To you the walls were sandcastles
And the monster a mere pup.

Like music in the air you called,
Like a shepherd his lamb you hauled



Expose yourself a little more
Let others your soul explore

Grab the brass of the door knob
Turn it quick and hear the lock bob

The creaking and clicking of mechanical devices
Their inward curious-peeking it entices

There you are on a table fresh and bare
Like the midday hen or the dinner hare

Your inner workings cleverly inspected
The pump of your heart and the blood it's directed

Lightly lifting the little lid
Hearing the heavy thoughts of your head

The deepest of your intimate feelings
The strongest of your inner reelings

Disposing yourself of all your wayward tumours
Exposing yourself to all their awkward humours

Lighting candle-borne flame to your muddy glass
Sighting themselves to your societal class

There posed on a mantelpiece at which they marvel
Like the strong sculpted mass of statue marble

So dearly deprived of dim-lit livings
Of clandestine creations not meant for giving

But free are you now to reflect
And spot yourself clean, without defect.

Now your clarity of mind you can implore
Expose yourself, not a minute more.
What wayward hurt is this,
What terrible fated twist,
What discord of angels song
And Ballad of thieves,
Playing in the night by the waters,
Like minstrels from the King's Quarters
besieged and
do they play.
Stung by obscurity's callousness
and drugged blind by the uncaring,
Glances and fatalistic staring,
Unrivalled Unparalleled,
Uncalled for and dispelled.
What rhythm of heart
Have I missed?
And what love have I,
by you.


To falter not

It saddens me to think
That I never fashioned a link

Strong enough to withstand
Free enough for a hold of my hand

And yours

It maddens me to to know you'll never laugh
at my stupid jokes
And  tendons do lock up so very tough
Knowing it could all be one big hoax.

But it's not.
To balance cards on a string
Like a Magician the hearts of his audience
Anxiety, excitement and all those things you bring
Are the consequence of obedience.

Obedient not to my mind
Which thinks and thinks
Till I've gone blind.

But to my heart
Which feels and wants
And dreams and fulfils
Right from the start

Pangs of jealousy when all the art
And Literature and music and more
Summon names that find their way
Into the life you live so full of lore

Not one brushstroke and not one word
Not one song played and not one note heard
Not one thought and not one heartbeat
Makes you think of me.

But then when we step out of make believe
Next to each other, hand in hand
We make work of our great retrieve
With one flash of sapphire eyes
In but one instant, my knotted stomach unties

Be kind.


Weeping Harp

What waning minutes
Feel like the trespassing of hours
Is it when the daylight is fading
Or when moonlight is passing?

Or is it perhaps
When your touch is fleeting
And your eyes look elsewhere
And my heart still beating; waits
for our next

The wails of Senoh but mirror
Poorly at that
The sound of my skin as it calls so sweetly
For another chance with which you'll cheat me
Out of one more kiss
Out of one more sky-ward glance
Out of that desperate last chance to fare well.



I don't know what to tell you. I'm good? You okay? Hey, where have you been? Did I do something wrong? Oh you shouldn't have! Really, hah! See you soon? Talk to you later! BRB! You frustrate me. You make me smile. You're awesome. Bye. Goodbye.

I love you.

I love you so much, I think I'll tell you a little story.

There once was a Crowned King of a Country
Who carried out Royal and Regal Duties, Regularly.

But as his workload grew more and more in abundance
Stress would stress-in and stress out until the King doth wince

Hitherto, the young King managed to perform every other deed
But it became apparent and evident that he needed a trust Steed.

So the King went to the Royal Stables
And found most fit a steed for his future fables.

The King mounted the horse and commanded its will
Through harsh summer months and the cold winter chill

But once the King's health faltered and he lost grip on the reins
The Steed took over through exploiting the Kings Pains.

The Steed followed itself whilst the King's slumber
The columns of the Palace broken asunder

Aye, steadfast is the battle for dominion between the King and his Horse.
Aye, constant is the struggle between the Mind and the Heart.


Today, I came across something that irked me.
Nay, today I saw something that scared and annoyed me, incredibly
Thank you, de-motivator google!
What I found, personettes and peoplethings, was a cameraman and a 'journalist' of a women conducting a vox pop outside my school gate. Nothing out of the ordinary, right? After all, there are plenty of people pouring in and out of the gates every hour, and trickling in between--so naturally one would conduct a vox pop there, especially for something like Wednesday evening news.
Alas, to my grand, sodding dismay the woman was asking students 'if they drink alcohol.' Students above the legal age for alcohol consumption who live in a culture where drinking is normal and not really frowned upon at all.
Next up, Newsy Newsperson tells us that Water is Wet. More on that, after the break. This is Stupid McStupidface on L-Ahbaliried.
Honestly, asking youths about alcohol? How shallow can we get? Is there *really* nothing more important to talk about? Is this the extent of tele-journalism, brainwashing and spin? Is this really all that the youths should be asked about, do we not have any other questions to be asked?

Regression at its best, media.


To Another

I know a friend called Ben Kaffar
In some years time he'd be driving his Car
To many a festival where he'll play guitar

He'll play his sing-song tunes
To riff-raff beats
And sing his blue-bird lyrics
Many a stage he shall see
A famous man he will be

But oh, Dear Ben, it's been so long
Have you learned right from wrong?
Do people plague you with social etiquette
and cause you to worry and fret?

Don't be down, old bean
For in time, pain won't be seen!
Rejoice and dance with yourself
Put those doubts on the shelf
And set it aflame, ablaze, asunder
Let confidence roar like thunder!

That is it, I am spent
Perhaps in time I shall have some coin
With which to spend on more than rent


There is a man, Matthias the Kentzia
The man, the legend, the 'bestja'.

A man made to dare
Chest brazen with many a hair

Of Germanic descent and Maltese blood
Miles above those who live in the mud

Lover of Discipline and Imperium belief
With many a person he holds a beef

Some of these people he knows their face
The rest, one day, their IP he'll trace

They'll rue the day they fragged his ass
They'll wish they had a more respectable class

Thundering down with the raffica, akimbo
He'll leave you in martyrdom's limbo!

To Elaine!

He loves you
it's true
he made this sing-song to tell you the truth
like superman taking you into his booth

hipster fashion and pop culture jokes
it's when it matters that he chokes!

see the tell tale signs of love-stricken eyes
look deep, pray tell, don't be petrified

by his double-beat thumping heart
through his life a map you must chart

through thick and thin stick with him
when the lights are bright or even dim

lest there be darkness to fight within
lest there be troubles and you let them win!