I can keep on

Walking through the open space
of the room where I see your face

Every sixth sun of the week
I watch my chances grow bleak

In my head I run around rooms
Thinking of all the pains and glooms

That await me behind every mistake
Or every stupid face I make

Eye contact

Look away, brush back hair
Turn away, pretend you don't care

Look back, unprepared
Hopeful, yet scared

Eye contact

Panic: systems are go
Cheeks: reddest glow

Eye contact

Something to get me out unscathed
Stickin' my tongue out to say I made it.


Slam of fists and a non-judicial fight
Anything to get my concern out of sight

Pitiful excuse for a man, ungentle
Code of honour and shining armour

My mistake was to run
to hide
But that indeed did coincide
With my fear
To not have you near.

So I say sorry.
Not because you're right.
And not because I'm wrong.
But because any plight
Is bigger than my ego
And my choice outweighs
My little dismays.