In You I Trust

When the darkness comes to light
With the ushering of angel's song
I find myself at the foot of my plight
Lost in the place I did belong.

Once again I pray
Like a begging fool, before the light of day
Buried in pain-chewed sheets
And clenched with doubt
My heart repeats
Again, and again

My body twists
Again and again

Control fleeting from my fists
clenched, so hard, like the hearts I face

O, But the fight is from and not for
the Vanguard of Victory
And hope, with the melody it sings
Rings through the annals of history
Even in yesterday's folly
Paths are made straight
And sorrows are pronounced jolly

So what of my reasons
If he beyond seasons
Can do without them?

And what of my fears?
That choke on unsalted tears
And fall unto the hopeless abyss.

There's none beside you, in this I trust
So please carry me beyond the gates of lust

Where fools have no reign,
And the Kingdom is strong
in the hearts of those who know pain.