The Ghost Girl

Speak to me, you long-haired ghost,
With your speech sadder than most.

Invisible are you to all of flesh and blood,
But I who you scared into the mud.

Are you alone because you are unseen?
Then let me see you.
Are you alone because you are unheard?
Then let me hear you.
Are you alone because you are not spoken to?
Then hear me.

Alone is good and alone is fine,
No need to mope, moan or whine.

Be content with the whispers of flowers,
And with the heights of mountain towers.

Celebrate the atoning moon of the night,
See the day birds and night owls and envy their flight.

Rejoice in the rising sun of the day's start,
Smile for the wants and tugs of your
More-than real heart.

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